Vanessa is undeniably a word sorceress. Deft on the page, and a keen eye for details. Her understanding of story and relentless drive to push your work (and you, little scribe) to be the best it can possibly be is essential. Her notes will crack you up, keep you sharp, and help you out of holes you've probably dug yourself.  I could never put a book into the world with any sort of confidence without having her see it first. In all professional works, editing is non-negotiable, and for me, there are few voices I'd rather have telling me, "You suck. But it's okay, we can fix it."
-- Daniel Younger, Vancouver, ON
The Wrath of Con and Zen and the Art of Cannibalism

Working with Vanessa is always a pleasure. She is generous, punctual and reliable. When I first started, Vanessa went above and beyond by taking the time to answer all of my questions and to point me in the right direction. Her help went a long way in helping me move forward with self-publishing. She is well organized and I only have good things to say about her work.
-- Steve Chiasson Eston, Fredericton, NB

Vanessa is always punctual, friendly, and thorough, even when we are not. It’s a treat to read her feedback and her work is always on point. We wouldn’t be able to put out an issue of The Running Bunny without her.
-- McKay & Gray, Kitchener, ON

I could tell you read [the manuscript] several times which shows your devotion to doing a good job adding comfort to me. This is my first project so it's an important one. ... I would recommend you and use you again. Hopefully many more to come.
-- David Brosbell, Toronto, ON

I am very happy with your work and you have provided invaluable help and information toward the publication of my novel. You have been exceptional in guiding me through this difficult process.
-- R.D. Merlos, Hamilton, ON

Vanessa's attention to detail is exceptional, and I can count on her to work in a timely manner. Her suggestions on format and wording help me to produce a professional newsletter.
-- Carolyn Wilker, FineTune Editing, Kitchener, ON

Vanessa did a superb job with her substantive edit of my novel "Utmost Fish". Reasonably priced and finished on time. I'll ask for her help in the future, as will my wife, Pam Hobbs. 
-- Michael Algar, Toronto, ON