Blueshift novella: takes place after the events of the trilogy, with an all new MC. Still on the outlining/researching stage but hope to begin writing in February

Spider's Eye: Rewrites began during NaNoWriMo, but are on hold while I fine-tune the outline

Fireborn: (Dragon Whisperer sequel) Final stage polishing is complete and I've begun querying agents. *fingers crossed*

Blueshift trilogy, book 1 (Wilder Queen): Polishing complete and I've resumed querying. *fingers crossed*

Blueshift trilogy, book 2: Some revisions and research left to do. But I'm really happy with how the changes are turning out.

Blueshift trilogy, book 3: Rewrites are complete with a little bit of revisions to come.

In addition to novels, I currently have two short stories out on submission and many more I've begun planning.



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