Services Offered

I specialize in editing fiction of all lengths with a particular focus on sci-fi and fantasy. Not sure which type of editing is right for you? Contact me!

Manuscript Evaluation

  • Assessing the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses
  • Reporting on the effectiveness of key story elements like characterization, dialogue, setting, plot, point of view, voice, tone, style, and more
  • Suggesting changes in a detailed report, including example comments directly on the ms
  • Providing information on relevant resources to help authors improve their craft

Substantive/Structural Editing

  • Assessing content, structure, and tone
  • Correcting to ensure consistent voice, logical presentation, and flow
  • Ensuring a cohesive plot with convincing characters, setting and dialogue

The above services are intended for completed manuscripts only. For guidance with incomplete manuscripts or developing story ideas, consider mentoring as an option.


  • Guidance for story/plot/character development etc
  • Help with query letters, author bios, synopses and other submission requirements

Not sure if your story is ready for editing? Check out this guide on preparing for editing.

What Editors Do