In addition to editing, I am also an author with books available online.


The novel takes place in an alternate world, advanced medieval setting and follows the love story of soldier Tassia and wanderer Sam. The pair meet in the midst of a dangerous raid where Tassia, an elite soldier from the Wheat Sky empire, rescues Sam, a wandering nomad trapped inside a lunatic enchantress's compound. While Sam serves his debt to Tassia's nation, the two grow closer as they tend to Tassia's garden together.

Although Sam falls in love wholly and immediately, Tassia's heart blooms slowly and her reluctance to commit to Sam is further complicated by her discovery of his true identity. As they attempt to secure peace between their rival kingdoms, Tassia and Sam find that their relationship and their very lives are in jeopardy.

While this is primarily a fantasy, the romantic elements are very steamy, making this an adult book. There is a strong gardening theme woven throughout the novel, and a few appearances made by members of the world's two dragon clans. You can check out one of these encounters in the excerpt.



The novel takes place in an alternate world medieval setting and follows Dionelle who was born immune to fire. Shortly after marrying Reiser and moving to his ranch on the outskirts of a large city, Dionelle is forced to work with dragons by the corrupt noblewoman, Lady Karth. The position as her kingdom's dragon whisperer strains Dionelle's new marriage because Reiser is terrified for her safety while Dionelle grows to love her task. The story takes a twist when Dionelle suddenly goes missing and Reiser forges an allegiance with the very beasts he fears, Dionelle's beloved dragons, in order to find her.

The novel is richly detailed with memorable characters, including the dragons and their intricate culture. This book is a fun addition to any fantasy lover's bookshelf. Curious? Check out the excerpt.


Non Fiction


A helpful writing guide for beginner writers and writers interested in learning more about the publishing process. This book contains advice on the basics of good storytelling, pointers on self-editing, and a guide to the different stages of editing encountered in publishing.


As VR Thode

The Death's Door and Door to Everywhen series, a whimsydark erotic romance, perfect for Nightmare Before Christmas fans looking for something a little more grown up.

Isis is flirting with death… literally! When she catches the eye of the Grim Reaper himself, her life (and afterlife!) will never be the same. Living beyond time and reality, Death uses his mysterious Door to Everywhen to bring Isis on steamy adventures across all of history.








The Summer Nights series is f/f erotica following Summer, the main character of my as yet unpublished Blueshift trilogy, as she navigates a new life as a soldier and recovers from heartache.