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Gideon the Ninth

Okay so I picked up this book because of the hype online and because the cover is fucking gorgeous. Also, the front blurb about lesbian necromancers in space, and everyone insisting this book was whacky, helped pique my interest.

And I fucking loved this book! It was hard to get into because the world-building is totally batshit, but as the book continues, all these things that felt like random nonsense are not in fact random.

Anyway, Gideon, the titular character is some sort of indentured servant or something to the Ninth House, where Harrowhark is in charge. Harrow is a bone witch necromancer and Gideon is a plain vanilla mortal who has a filthy mouth and is VERY GOOD with swords. Gideon and Harrow end up in a giant gothic castle in space competing with other necromancers for immortality.

And then people start dying.

So it's science-fantasy space opera murder mystery?

Whatever. Gideon is magnificent and I love her. She reminds me very much of Chuck Wendig's Miriam Black. The sarcasm, juvenile puns, and cursing. All while trying not to show how much she actually gives a shit. It's very much my kind of dark humour.

The book is dark and in some places gory but it wasn't over the top for me. I really enjoyed uncovering the murder mystery and all the twists toward the end. If you find the book slow when you start, it will absolutely pick up once people start dying. Highly recommend giving this book a try.

And now I'm going to talk about spoilers because I have so many questions and I need the next book Right Now. (PS: the cover art for the next book, Harrow the Ninth, is equally as stunning as this book's cover art)




So I don't really love Harrow that much though other reviewers seem to favour her over Gideon? I guess they're allowed to be wrong. But Harrow started to grow on me at the end and I'm really curious what her role as lyctor will be. I guess book 2 will be partly her training montage and maybe solving another mystery?

Whatever, what I really need is to know what happened to Gideon. I have SO MANY questions about Gideon, but the foremost one is WHERE DID SHE GO? I mean, Harrow has her soul so I'm not sure where that leaves Gids, but I don't believe she's actually dead. If nerve gas failed to kill her as a baby, I'm not convinced some metal spikes and Harrow eating her soul will do it either.

Who is Gideon? Where did she come from? Who was her mother? WHY DIDN'T SHE DIE AS AN INFANT? How did Cytherea know anything about Gideon?

And also, there were all those other missing characters along with Gideon. Camilla was still alive at the end, and so many others who should have been dead are implied to not be, and not just Gideon. What happened with that captain from the Second House? We didn't see her die, and then she's also among the missing at the end.

And while I get why Cytherea killed the Fifth House, I have no idea why she felt the need to murder the Fourth. Maybe I missed something?

And then there's the question of what's going to happen with Ianthe (and her sister!). She seemed really unstable at the end and not especially with it through the rest of the book. Wonder if she and Harrow will end up butting heads as lyctors.

But mostly I just need more Gideon.

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