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Why Iguana?

I know some people have been confused about why I have an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to publish Dragon Whisperer. Isn't that what a publisher is for?

Yes and no. Traditional publishing is in trouble, with a business model that seems to lead to bankruptcy or mergers more often than not. It has not be responding well to the self-publishing markets, to ebooks and to the rise of life online.

Iguana has a new business model that they hope will address the problems traditional publishers face, and you can read about it here. Iguana is not a vanity press; they've just placed the financial onus on the authors, but the trade off for authors is greater creative control of the book and a much bigger slice of the royalties than offered by traditional publishers.

While asking authors to cover the editing cost does look like self-publishing, Iguana offers all of the services authors can expect from more traditional publishers. There are still designers, marketers, PR people, and all of the editors you would expect. There is an excellent support network of industry professionals to help guide authors. And they don't publish just anything. I have seen them reject manuscripts.

Before ever signing me on, Greg told me I was going to be a guinea pig, and I'm happy (albeit occasionally frustrated) to be part of the experiment. The company is still new and trying out new things to see what works best for their authors and their readers. Hence, the Indiegogo campaign.

I think the campaign is brilliant because everyone who has supported me will have their name at the back of the book. I love that most (if not all -- there are still a couple of days left) of my family and close friends will be included. I love that all of these people who have nurtured the eccentricities that led me to the life of a writer will in turn have a more tangible part in this book's creation and existence.

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