Professional Experience

I'm constantly adding to my skill set through programs offered by the Editors Canada (EAC), of which I was an active member from 2010-2016 and served a two year term as one of the coordinators for my region.

In addition to EAC meetings and seminars devoted to the business side of editing, I have attended seminars and sessions for:

  • comic books and graphic novels
  • e-books
  • fiction editing and manuscript evaluation
  • grammar
  • humour
  • poetry and songs
  • print on demand publishing
  • proofreading
  • punctuation and mechanics
  • academic editing
  • self-publishing
  • SEO editing
  • structural editing
  • stylistic editing
  • writing and editing for the web
  • XML editing



My most recent educational training came from publishing courses in copy editing, substantive editing and fiction editing through Ryerson University. I have also taken several writing workshops with award-winning and best-selling authors, including Thrills and Chills: Writing Popular Fiction taught by Kelley Armstrong at University of Toronto, and Short Story Intensive with Mary Robinette Kowal. The editing courses have taught me professional standards in the industry and the mechanics of editing and the publishing process. Writing courses have helped shape my understanding of what elements go into successful storytelling.

In addition, I've long been involved with language and fiction, excelling in every English class and completing an Honours BA in philosophy, which included studies in English, history and psychology. This gives me the skill set to approach challenges from several angles and seek the best solution for every situation.


Relevant Transferrable Skills

My organizational and management skills have been strengthened by my volunteer work. In addition to my position as Waterloo-Wellington branch president for the Canadian Authors' Association, I was previously the local EAC twig coordinator for a two-year term. For five years, I have been the co-municipal liaison in my region for National Novel Writing Month.


Personal Experience

My story began as that of a writer -- making picture books before I learned to read and write, and long before I took an interest in editing -- and I fully understand all the work that goes into each manuscript my clients create. I have always loved books, immersing myself in fictional worlds and befriending fictional characters since childhood. As I developed my craft as a writer, I sought a career that would complement my love of books and eventually found my way into editing.

My first published book, Dragon Whisperer, is a fantasy novel and was released through Iguana Books in June 2013. My second book, After the Dragon Raid, is a romantic fantasy released by Iguana in October 2014. Both books are available through the publisher as well as most online booksellers and got their beginnings as NaNoWriMo novels from 2009-2013.

I've recently begun self-publishing short erotica under the name VR Thode.



My literary interests cover a broad spectrum from canon classics to juicy genre in a variety of lengths, but I have a soft spot for genre fiction, especially humour/satire, sci-fi, horror and fantasy. I live in Waterloo with my husband, daughter, and three dogs, where I spend my free time hiking, reading, writing, gardening, or kickboxing.

I never miss an opportunity to geek out and my other love affairs include:

  • action movies
  • ancient history
  • astronomy
  • baking
  • existentialist philosophy
  • Halloween
  • physics
  • rock music
  • superheroes
  • travel