Welcome to Thodestool SFF Editing!

I'm a freelance editor who specializes in speculative fiction, including horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and all their sub-genres. As a dedicated word sorceress, I work my magic to make your fiction shine.

Writing a story is hard, but successfully publishing that story is even harder. Especially if you want to put out your best quality work. And why wouldn't you?

Whether you're looking for a traditional publisher or planning to self-publish, my editing services are geared toward helping demystify the editing process and giving authors the tools they need to publish a great story.

Readers have more options than ever, so give your story the advantage it needs to stand out. Hire a professional to bring out the best in your writing.

I offer services that focus on manuscript evaluations and structural editing, but I also do copy editing. I can help you find gaping plot holes, inconsistent characters, and weak settings, or feed your typos to a dragon. Be confident that you're putting your best work out into the world.

To see if Thodestool SFF Editing is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact me using the form provided on the Contact page. And while you're here, you're invited to browse the site to see a full list and explanation of the editing services offered, including the EAC's definitions of the different types of editing, and to learn more about my background.